Energy steel constructions onshore and offshore wind industry

The wind energy market is in constant movement. The number of wind farms is increasing. Our Polish company, Smulders Polska, has been supplying steel structures for the onshore and offshore wind industry and the oil and gas market for many years. Since 2013 the wind and energy projects have been placed with GS Staalwerken Group Energy.

Offshore wind industry | steel structures at sea

Steel structures at sea are technically complicated. Boat Landings, resting platforms and J-Tubes and I-Tubes for wind turbines (secondary steel), require a rock-solid construction. The offshore industry demands high quality and highly secure steel structures that must operate safe. This even under the most extreme sea conditions.

Wind turbines must withstand enormous forces of wind, currents and waves.

Specialized knowledge of modern and innovative welding and machining techniques is the basis for the qualitative and reliable steel structures. Our clients in the Energy market demand quality, safety and punctual delivery times.

As a specialist in large and heavy structures, we have realized several onshore and offshore projects. We proved that we can fulfill to these demands.

To maintain the quality we use modern quality systems. We also invest in internal training for our onshore and offshore Energy specialists.

Secondary steel

As a specialist in large and heavy steel constructions, we produce and deliver secondary steel components for the offshore wind industry:

  • Seafastening & grillage
  • Boat landings
  • Resting platforms
  • External ladders
  • J-tubes en I-tubes

Onshore steel structures

  • Windmills and wind turbines
  • Base fundations for High Voltage towers

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