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Internal and external Engineering

For the manufacture of all relevant production information the engineering Department of GS Staalwerken Groep B.V. uses mainly 3D-program Tekla Structures. Starting from 1 february 2018 all new projects wil be made in version 2017i or 2018i.

For all projects in order off GS Staalwerken Groep B.V. the template GS-Staalwerken-Groep has to be used

Engineering agencies that work for GS Staalwerken Groep B.V. and model projects, starting from 1 february 2017 have to make 3D-modellen in minimal Tekla Structures 2017i. There is an installer for the correct settings with model templates.

In order to ensure uniformity in both process and product of the Engineering there are two documents available:

  1. Drawing office instructions GS Staalwerken Groep B.V.
  2. Procedure engineering GS Staalwerken groep B.V.

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For questions, comments, and the provision of username and password you can contact head of drawing office:

Hans van Uden
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Version history and changes

Installer Tekla Structures version 2018i-01

Installer GS Staalwerken Groep Tekla Structures version 2018i-01 is released on 2018-11-11

This version is only valid for Tekla Structures version 2018i

  • First version of TS2018i
  • The template indicates when opening a new model when the model is saved, the model database of TS2018i is not compatible with TS2018. This is a common message for tekla Structures. Check "Do not show this message again" ensures that this message no longer appears
  • This download is only in Dutch version available!

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Drawing office instructions version 20

Drawing office instructions version 20 is released on 2018-09-17 and updated on the following matters:

  • For tap holes, add text ¬©tapgatfilter
  • Drainage holes hollow columns added
  • Diameter zinc hole same as hole bolt connection thick printed in text
  • Chapter Phases adjusted
  • Chapter lists adjusted

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