Steel construction, intensive collaboration within the GS Staalwerken Groep

The steel construction companies of GS Staalwerken Groep have been a reliable partner for many renowned property developers, construction companies and contractors for many years. Throughout Europe leading steel construction projects are realized, aimed at different markets:

  • Utilities
  • Steel stairs
  • Infra
  • Energy

Specialized steel construction companies ensure excellent quality!

Workmanship, quality, enthusiasm, pride, loyalty, pragmatism and honesty are our core values. Our strength lies in the exceptional collaboration of a number of larger and smaller construction companies within the Group. This intensive collaboration and huge production capacity (more than 70,000 m2 of production floor) ensures very competitive delivery times.

Each business location has its own specialty within the steel construction making an excellent quality and workmanship guaranteed.

GS Staalwerken Bladel

GS Staalwerken Bladel realize for years, many kinds of steel structures for the industrial-residential construction. Within this market, they also built a strong reputation. No matter how complex the task is; GS Staalwerken Bladel realizes the steel structure appropriate to the function and design of your construction.

GS Staalwerken Helmond

The business location GS Staalwerken Helmond has been a leading manufacturer of high-profile and bold steel structures such as the Piazza in Eindhoven . The Piazza steel structure serves as visual landmark. With a production area of approximately 23,000 m2, they have been a reliable supplier for conventional steel structures such as factories and distribution centers.

Moeskops Staalbouw

The Eye-Theatre in Amsterdam has been realized by Moeskops Staalbouw. Since 1950, specialized in the realization of technically complex steel construction projects. With nine nominations and two domestic steel prices, the company may also be called a winner in the steel business and GS Staalwerken Groep.

GS Staalwerken Rheden

GS Rheden Staalwerken is the all-rounder within the production organization. The 250 meter long construction hall, large quantities of raw material produced for clients in commercial construction and infrastructure and energy market. The sophisticated routing, robust machine capacity and modern welding process is very efficient.

GS Staalwerken Beringe

With a fully equipped workshop GS Staalwerken Beringe is also an allrounder in the organization. The huge production capacity (spread over an area of 11,000 m2) ensures that tight deadlines of our clients are always met.

GS Staalwerken Gerwen

Steel stairs are manufactured by GS Staalwerken Gerwen. Since the sixties, this specialist in stairs, produces reliable and creative steel stairs for industrial applications. Also stylish steel interior staircases and emergency stairs for interior and exterior are produced here, whether or not combined with wood and glass.

GS Staalwerken Gerwen works for construction companies, architects and contractors of government and housing. Also many individuals have enriched their interior with a staircase produced by GS Staalwerken Gerwen.

Business Locations international

The knowledge and experience in steel construction is also used internationally. GS Staalwerken has been active in Poland for many years.

Also secondary components for onshore and offshore wind turbine structures are made here in collaboration with partners from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

Smulders Polska Sp. z o. o

The business location in Poland, Smulders Polska Sp. z o. o, realizes as general contractor steel structures for commercial buildings such as stadions, logistic centers, and factories.