Utility building in motion, sustainable and efficient construction

Utility construction requires specialist knowledge, buildings are becoming more complex and more durable. At the engineering of high-grade steel structures for buildings (offices, warehouses, car parks), we fully immerse ourselves in all the construction aspects that are important to build sustainable and efficient.

Sustainable utility construction

When developing utility construction steel structures, not only the functionality, the size and the (aesthetic) appearance must meet the wishes of the client. Also the specific rules and developments are closely followed. For example, a logistics company has different needs and standards than a healthcare institution. The type of building will be determined with respect to the user's function.

Also social developments, changes in mobility and sustainability lead to changes in the demand on public spaces. The way we work and live (flexible working, aging, mobility) is changing and requires a different type of utility construction.

Sustainable utility construction is in a constant state of flux and has high priority for our clients. Already in the design stage sustainability has our attention. This is reflected in the choice of materials, maintenance, routing, energy- and CO2 emission reduction and ‘material recycling. Together with the client we look for the possibilities of application of renewable sources such as solar energy, heating and cooling systems.

We realize complete steel structures for building halls, such as:

  • Industrial buildings
  • Distribution centre
  • Factories
  • Warehouses

But also for office buildings, shopping malls, high-rise buildings, parking garages and event halls.

During the construction process, we monitor the progress and quality of the project so that we are always on time and within budget. We have short lines therefore we can make quick decisions between design, planning, organization and execution. We have constant control over the entire project. The result is a beautiful and durable building.

Projects from engineering to erection

Many noteworthy projects have been carried out by us. Utility Projects as the Lidl distribution centre in Heerenveen and the Filmmuseum Eye in Amsterdam, are examples of utility constructions where the complete steel construction, from engineering and manufacturing to installation, carried out by GS Staalwerken Groep, in accordance with the requirements and standards for design, functionality and durability.

Steel structures as eyecatcher

Through years of experience in steel production, we have all the knowledge to fulfill your wishes for custom-made constructions. You can think of industrial or more aesthetic steel structures that can serve as eye catcher for your building, such as the steel structure of the Piazza in Eindhoven. This steel structure serves as a visual eye-catcher.

utility building projects